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Jet Precooler™ Return on Investment (ROI).

Download spreadsheet (xls) for Grower Packer.

Download spreadsheet (xls) for 3PL Service Provider.


Jet-Precooler™ Rebates

For power company VFD rebates and energy-efficiency financial assistance, some example programs.  We can help you with the paperwork, it's easy.

1. Chelan PUD Resource$mart, Washington.

2. PECO Smart Business Solutions, Pennsylvania.

3. Southern CAL Edison, Energy Efficiency Express Solutions, and Interest-Free Financing, California.

4. APS, Rebates for Motor Upgrades, and Others, Arizona.

5. TVA, Energy Right Solutions, Tennessee.


Jet-Precoolers™ Tax Benefits

Jet-Precoolers™ can be a Tax Shelter

With Section 179, you likely can deduct the entire cost of a Jet in 2019!  See "Understanding The Section 179 Deduction (link.)  ?Or use the "Section 179 Calculator" (link)

Absolutely, might be the best tax shelter the produce industry has ever seen.  With 3-year depreciation as personal- and not real-, property, the tax savings in the first three years of ownership can be as high as 39.6% or 40%.  And that's just the start.

If I were a tax advisor, which I am not, and if I offered tax shelter advice - which I don't, here is what I would write about several ways of structuring your Jet Precooler ownership. Consult with your own tax advisor for sane and safe advice!

Scenario 1:  The owner of a closely-held company buys the Jets, and then leases them to the company; the owner writes off the depreciation, the company writes off the entire lease payment. The Electrical Utility companies also can contribute, with rebates because of the energy-efficiency of the Jet design.  Call me, of have your tax advisor call me, Jim Still 610-248-9800 office and cell.

Scenario 1 Worksheet: 

$16,900 Purchase price of Jet Precooler
$2,450 Price for VFD
$650 Freight
$20,000 Total
***** Cost of Money and Tax Rates
6.00% Interest rate on bank loan
5 Term in years
39.6% Marginal tax rate owner
40.0% Marginal tax rate company
$387 Monthly P & I
$387 Owner leases to company at net/net
***** Summary of Financial Flows & Deductions
-$1,267 Owner Interest deduction for 5 years
$3,220 Owner Interest payments on loan
$0 Owner gross profit, payment in versus P&I out
$23,199 Total of all monthly payments by company
-$9,280 Tax savings Company operating expense deduction for 5 years
-$7,920 5-year depreciation tax savings
$4,733 NET “If Financed” and leased back to company
-$1,715 VFD Rebate at 70% max cap
$3,018 Possible with rebate also on VFD
-$14,000 Rebate if on entire Jet Precooler

Possible "cost" (they pay you) with rebate also on entire Jet Precooler


Scenario 2:  Imagine if you put the Jets inside your IRA, or 401-k, or other Qualified Plan, and the company paid that entity, oh say, fair market lease of $1,200 per month per Jet into your plan.  Call me to discuss, of have your tax advisor call.  Jim Still, office and cell 610-248-9800.

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