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Precooling is the single most important postharvest procedure.

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JS-PNWC-101 Cooling PNW Packed Cherries in 1 Hour

Hilltop - World's Fastest Cherry Cooling...

JT-101  Temperature and Quality

JT-102  How to Cool Produce

JT-103  Tips for Successful Forced-Air Cooling

JT-104  Product Temperature in Forced-Air Cooling

JT-105  Measuring Product Temperature

JT-201 The Return on Investment (ROI) of Forced-Air Cooling

JT-301 Introduction to ReCooling™


More Information

If you read only one paper, read this one Improving Forced-Air Cooler Performance, by Michael Talbot, Direlle Baird, Steven Sargent, and Jeffrey Brecht.

Primer on Forced Air Pre-Cooling, by Jim Still.  (Note: Contact us for a Webex presentation with narrative.)

7-8ths Cooling Explained and Illustrated, by Jim Still

Precooling and Managing Produce Temperature.

The ROI of Precooling & Postharvest, by Adel Kader.

Stepac explains the fundamental importance of precoooling (Stepac is a worldwide leader in postharvest technologies.)

FDA Produce & Plant Products Guidance Documents & Regulatory Information webpage, link to open in new window.

FDA Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards of Fresh-cut Fruits and Vegetables, pdf.

Design of Packaging Vents for Cooling Fresh Horticultural Produce, by Pankaj B. Pathare, Umezuruike Linus Opara, Clément Vigneault, Mulugeta A. Delele, &
Fahad Al-Julanda Al-Said.

Temperature, Respiration Rate and Shelf Life, by Jenny Jobling.

Commercial Cooling of Fruits, Vegetables, and Flowers, Link to purchase entire reference manual, $15 USD, by James F. Thompson, F. Gordon Mitchell, Tom R. Rumsey, Robert F. Kasmire, and Carlos H. Crisosto, Rev. 2008, 61 pages.

Forced Air Cooling of Strawberries, by Jim Thompson.

Forced-Air Cooling of Mushrooms, from UC Davis.

Blueberry Produce Fact Sheet, USDA.

A Longer Marketing Life for Blackberry and Raspberry Fruit, Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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Energy Efficiency in Fruit Storage, by Marcus H. Wilcox, P.E.

Table grapes suffer water loss, stem browning during cooling delays, by Carlos H. Crisosto, Joe L. Smilanick, and Nick K. Dokoozlian.

Our 2-Tier Rapid-Cools in action at Port of Wilmington, Delaware

Acceptable Cooling Delays for Selected Warm Season Vegetables and Melons

Blueberry Postharvest - USDA

Optimizing Flat Design for Forced-air Cooling of Blueberries Packaged in Plastic Clamshells, Jerry C. Leyte and Charles F. Forney.

Forced Air Cooling Packaged Blueberries, M.D. Boyette

Mango Forced Air Cooling, excerpted from "Mango Postharvest Best Practices" by the National Mango Board.

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Pineapple Postharvest Quality-Maintenance Guidelines, by Robert E. Paull and Ching Cheng Chen.

Forced-air Precooling of Dutch Cucumbers, by Jingying Tan, Shi Li, and Qing Wang.

Magnehelic Gage Instructions

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