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"I like the pure user-friendliness of it.  It took me one minute to figure out how to fire it up and run it, and one minute to train my staff.  The shortest learning curve of any piece of equipment I have experienced."  A.S.

"If you are in the cold storage business, you have to have a Precooler. We do a lot of strawberries, and most of the time they come in cold enough.  But every now and then you get a hot load, and you have to be able to cool them back down in a hurry.  The Jet Precooler is perfect for us."  N.S.

"Your Jet is bringing 14 pallets down in two hours, our homemade cooler took five hours.  To quote Einstein: 'Perfection is when nothing can be added or removed.'  Your Jet has Literally everything you need, nothing more, nothing less. I don't need bells and whistles, I need something that does its job. The Jet is perfect."  A.S.

"Postharvest handling is what it's all about. The fastest you can get [the product] down, that's what it's all about.  The Jet easily cut 2/3 off of our cooling time."  A.S.

"It is a lot easier and faster to take the Jet Precooler to the produce, than it is to move 10 or 20 pallets to a built-in precooler." M.B.

"Your Jet Precooler exceeded our expectations.   We are very pleased with the positive effect it has had  on our fruit.  It has run flawlessly since the day it was fired it up " M.L.

“It is so flexible, ten seconds later it’s in a different section of the facility doing a different function.”  M.A.

"The fact that the units are portable gives this solution a huge advantage over "bunker wall" cooling solutions"  P.E.

"The Jet Precooler cools the yogurt much more rapidly than our old method."  J.R.

"Jim, all I can say is, your fans move an awful lot of air, it's unbelievable."   R.L.

"We use a Jet to cool down avocados after ripening, in about 4 hours."   F.M.

"The unit is working perfectly.  I'm pulling heat out of the product after it is picked."   D.D.

"Jim, I would be remiss if I didn't drop you a line to say how heart warming it was to read the Inquirer article about your company manufacturing a high tech product in the USA, not to mention in Philadelphia.  Just when I thought the heart of this country is broken, it's stories like yours that renew my faith in America.  With Liberty and success." Steven Gilber.


Jet Powerful Precoolers in the News

Fresh Cut Precooler Improves Shelf Life and Food Safety.  Fructidor.

Global Cooling introduces new version of Jet-Ready Precoolers.  Produce Processing.

Cherry packer has record harvest and packout with help from two-tier precoolers.  Fresh Plaza.

How to Cool Strawberries in One Hour.   Horti-Daily.

Jet Precoolers para volver a refrigerar los arándanos.  Enlace a Fresh Plaza.

3PLs use Jet Precoolers for blueberry re-cooling.  Link to Fresh Plaza. 

Our Jet Precoolers are great Recoolers, too.  Link to FreshPlaza.

Precoolers provide for Organic Shelf Life Preservation.  Link to HortiDaily.

Los prerrefrigeradores proporcionan una mayor conservación de la vida útil.  Link to Fresh Plaza en Espanol.

Precoolers provide for organic shelf-life preservation.  Link to Fresh Plaza.

Precoolers contribute to longer shelf life.  Link  to The Packer.

Jet Precoolers and MacroBins are great combo for fast cooling. Fresh Plaza.

Precoolers help Sakuma Brothers get blueberries to you, fresher and faster. Link.

Recooling berries can produce a harvest of efficiency, productivity.  Link to Refrigerated Transporter.

“Jet-Ripe™ Portable Unit Turns Cold Rooms into Ripening Rooms”.  Fresh Plaza Link.

Keeping Produce Cool and Healthy.  Link.

Jet precooler helps cut packinghouse cooling costs.  Link.

Jet Precoolers Fully-Cool Packed Cherries in 1 Hour.  Link.

Jet Precoolers reach milestone with shipping of 50th unit.  Link.

Portable forced-air cooling tunnel available.   Link.

The Return on Investment of Forced Air Cooling. Link.

Global Cooling Offers Free Guides to Forced Air Cooling.  Link.

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