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Jet-Ready Plug 'n Play Precooler

Completely Assembled and Ready-to-Use

How it works presentation (pdf)

Simply. Powerful. Precoolers.

Perfect for berries, cherries, leafy green & more.

Now available in 400 volts / 50 hertz / 3 phase!  

What is a Jet-Ready Precooler™?

...Is it just another "two fans on a stand"?  Hardly!

Our Jet-Ready has double the airflow of a typical farm-built unit,

and also of many many built-in plenum wall systems,

- especially if they are 20 or 30 years old; motors and props have come a long way -

empowering you to precool twice as fast! (typical result, yours might be faster!)

The Jet-Ready™ Precooler is a forced air cooling tunnel, preassembled, fully-wired, tested, and ready-to-use. It includes powerful, energy-efficient special-design fans, foam pads and tarp, and all electrical controls, mounted on a Carboline-coated heavy-duty structural steel frame. (The tarp is field-attached with 3 spring clips.)   Also, because we use a soft-start, there isn't any inrush current nor start-up lock-rotor amps, which is great for your electrical system and meter.  SO, you ask, how much space/room do I need? Click here to see drawing of typical floor plans.

There is also a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for soft starts and stops, as well as motor speed control.  Includes motor starters, fused disconnect, and 25-foot long cord. The Jet is placed in an existing cold room, which supplies the refrigeration capability.  Easy to use, watch video (1 minute 8 seconds.)

What DON'T You Have to Do?

As opposed to the traditional way where you get a building permit, pour a concrete base, erect a plenum wall, cut holes in it, buy fans from somewhere, mount the fans, provide starters and disconnects, wire them, etc.  No construction, no permit, no mess, and no carpenters, laborers, or helpers wandering around your facility.


What Can a Jet-Ready Instant Precooler™ Do for Your Business?

Ready, Jet, Go!  Call for Pricing. Phone 1-844-858-4621.

Or email   We ship worldwide, by land, air, and sea.  Proudly manufactured in our country’s Cradle of Liberty, at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Business Park. All major components are made in the USA, with fabrication and assembly at our own factory by skilled journeymen and apprentices.

How Long Will it Take to Cool My Product in My Packaging?  Link.

Contact us for special options to operate below -10°C / +14 °F.

Helping Feed the World.

Most Sincerely, James David Still, Inventor / Founder / President / CVO.

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Download General Flyer on Jet-Ready Precooler (pdf, 3 pages with cfm/static pressure table, and partial users list).

Download Jet-Ready Flyer on The Organic Shelf Life Preservative) (pdf, 1 page, featuring Stemilt Cherry Cooling, also Perfect for Berries and Grapes).


Forced Air Coolers (also known as "California tunnels", guick cool, blast cool, or Pre-enfriados and more around the world) are suitable for:

Apples, Artichokes, Avocados, Bananas, Green Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cantaloupes, Cauliflower, Cherries, Cucumbers, Grapes, Honeydews, Kiwi, Nectarines, Okra, Peaches, Bell Peppers, Plums, Summer Squash, Strawberries, Tomatoes, all Cut Floral and Root Stocks, and more.  Forced-air can also be used to thaw, temper, dry... The Jet-Ready is also perfect for cooling cannabis, or marijuana.

Why Precool Faster?  Add 5 Days of Shelf Life to Your Cherries!

"The Jet Precoolers have brought our packed cooling time down from 12 hours in 2011 to 2 hours today"Learn how (pdf).



     2-Year Standard        Excellence in Mfg

Our Customers Say...

"If you are in the cold storage business, you have to have a Precooler. We do a lot of strawberries, and most of the time they come in cold enough.  But every now and then you get a hot load, and you have to be able to cool them back down in a hurry.  The Jet Precooler is perfect for us."  N.S.

"It is a lot easier and faster to take the Jet Precooler to the produce, than it is to move 10 or 20 pallets to a built-in precooler." M.B.

"Your Jet Precooler exceeded our expectations.   We are very pleased with the positive effect it has had  on our fruit.  It has run flawlessly since the day it was fired it up " M.L.

“It is so flexible, ten seconds later it’s in a different section of the facility doing a different function.”  M.A.

"The fact that the units are portable gives this solution a huge advantage over "bunker wall" cooling solutions"  P.E.

"The Jet Precooler cools the yogurt much more rapidly than our old method."   J.R.

"Jim, all I can say is, your fans move an awful lot of air, it's unbelievable."   R.L.

"We use a Jet to cool down avocados after ripening, in about 4 hours."   F.M.

""The unit is working perfectly.  I'm pulling heat out of the product after it is picked."   D.D.

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10 Pallets in 1 Hour, 100% Fan Speed with 18HP power input, 20 Amps


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Winner of "Excellence in Manufacturing" by USIEC.

Our Cause

Operation First Response

The Last Mission Project

Military Family Assistance Project

OFR supports our nation's Wounded Warriors and their families with personal and financial needs.  With OFR, more than 90% of donations go straight through to the men and women and their families.

OFR's Audited Financials and Tax Returns

Paul Esvelt, Stemilt

Added 5 Days of Shelf Life!


Recooling Chilean Grapes

Long Beach, California

Big Jim with 50th Jet Precooler

ready to Blast-Cool Bing Cherries

Wenatchee, WA

Recent Installations

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One (1) Jet-Ripe Ready-To-Use Ripening System, Bananas.  McAllen, TX.

Two (2) Jet-Ready Precoolers, Mexican Avocados.  Laredo, TX.

Two (2) Jet-Ready Precoolers, Mexican Strawberries.

One (1) Jet-Ready Precooler, Blueberries.  Burlington, WA.

One (1) Jet-Ready Precooler, Apricots.  Pasco, WA.

Six (6) Jet-Ready Precoolers.  Final cooling of sorted and packed bing cherries, final cooling of withdrawn-from-CA apples and pears, final cooling of ripened pears, final cooling of bins of apples and pears before being placed in CA, Wenatchee, WA. USA.

One Jet-Ready Precooler.  Final cooling of sorted and packed bing cherries in 1 hour. Wenatchee, WA. USA.

Two Jet Precooler Kits.  Full cooling of tomatoes, peppers, and cukes. Leamington, ON, Canada.

Two Jet-Ready Precoolers.  Recooling guacamole.  Irving and Laredo, TX. USA.

One Jet-Ready Precooler.  Full cooling grapes.  Bakersfield, CA.  USA.

One Jet-Ready Precooler.  Cooling melons.  Denver, CO.  USA.

One Jet-Ready Precooler.  Recooling guacamole.  Compton, CA.  USA.

Six Jet-Ready Precoolers.  Recooling Chilean Grapes, Drying Onions, Final Pulldown of gassed Avocados and Pears.  Vineland, NJ.  USA.

Five Jet-Ready Precoolers.  Recooling Chilean Grapes, also cooling repacked citrus.  Long Beach, CA.  USA.

Two 20-pallet Rapid-Cools, recooling blueberries and blackberries, from South America, Mexico, and British Columbia.  Mascoutah, IL.  USA.

One Jet-Ready Precooler.  Recooling cut floral imports.  Jamaica, NY.  USA.

Two Jet Precooler Kits.  Full cooling of tomatoes, peppers, and cukes. Leamington, ON, Canada.

Two Rapid-Cools.  Recooling of Chilean grapes.  Kennett Square, PA.  USA.

Two Jet Precooler Kits, cooling and recooling various fruit and vegetables.  Miami, FA.  USA.

One Jet Precooler Kit, cooling and recooling various hothouse vegetables.  Dominican Republic.

One KD Precooler, cooling field bins of grape tomatoes.  Leland, NC.  USA.

One Jet-Ready Precooler.  Recooling cut floral imports.  Jamaica, NY.  USA.

Four KD Precoolers. Recooling of bananas and other tropical fruit.  Singapore.

Four 20-pallet Rapid-Cools, recooling Chilean grapes.  Port of Wilmington, DE.  USA.

Two Jet Precooler Kits, recooling imported by ocean fruit and veg.  Gulfport, MS.  USA.

Two Jet Precooler Kits, recooling imported by road fruit and veg.  McAllen, TX.  USA.

Four Jet Precooler Kits, recooling organic tomatoes, greens, tree fruit, and more.  Capay, CA.  USA.

Three Rapid-Cools.  Cooling and recooling tomatoes, peppers, and cukes.  Drying of RPCs.  Detroit, MI.  USA,  subsequently moved to Leamington, ON,  Canada.

Ten KD Precoolers. Recooling of bananas and other tropical fruit.  South Korea.

Multiple styles, multiple customers, cooling and recooling just about everything.  City of Commerce, CA.  USA.

Two Jet Precooler Kits, cooling leafy greens and fruit.  Pompano Beach, FL.  USA.

One Jet Precooler Kit, cooling aspargus, strawberries, peaches.  Dover, DE.  USA.

Contact us if you have a specific question about precooling your products ...