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What, you don't need a ready-to-use portable Jet-Ready Precooler™?

That's okay.  We understand, the Jet-Ready Portable is not the answer for everybody, even if it does cost only $12 a day.  And before we invented the Jet Precooler, we were known as Global Cooling, and specialized in Design-Build Forced-Air Cooling and Ripening, and fan sales. Single fans sales and pressure cooling installations take us back to our roots.

At the heart of the powerful force that is now the Jet Precooler is the Jim Still-Designed Jet Propeller, achieved by two years of trial and error, computer simulations, and field testing.

We also offer the Jet Prop in stand-alone Jet Plenum Wall Fans™ that you install yourself .  Our standard fans are all 10 HP, for 208-230/460/60/3, with premium efficiency inverter-duty motors, and finger-safe fan guards front and rear. Precooling fans are typically deployed in pairs. We can even supply drawings so you can build your own portable precooler, if that's what you want, with your own staff, saving money. See below for more details. Contact Us for a Fan-Only Quote

We are also very experienced at Design-Build Forced-Air Cooling.  Let us know your needs, and we'll get you drawings and a proposal for your consideration. Contact Us for a Design-Build Proposal.


Jet Fan Sizes, horsepower, and airflow.

Airflow capacities listed are for a set of two (2) fans. Standard models/sizes of :

  • 30" diameter in a 36" square housing (34,966 cfm @ 1" static);
  • 36" diameter in a 42 " square housing (43,400 cfm @ 1" static), and
  • 42" diameter in a 48 " square housing (53,800 cfm @ 1" static).
  • 15 HP model also available for all above.
  • Specialty Fans:
  • Hops Drying Fans, 36" diameter,15 HP, (46,000 cfm @ 2" static).
  • Berry Precooler Fans, Reversing Airflow, 42" diameter, 15 HP, (32,600 cfm @ 2.5" static.)
  • True-Reversing Props are also available.
  • Standard finish is baked-polyurethane, safety orange.
  • Optional metals and finishes available, contact us with your requirements.


Call for Pricing. Phone 1-844-858-4621. Or email 

We ship worldwide, by land, air, and sea.  Proudly manufactured in our country’s Cradle of Liberty, at the Philadelphia Navy Yard Business Park. All major components are made in the USA, with fabrication and assembly at our own factory by skilled journeymen and apprentices.

Forced Air Coolers (also known as "California tunnels", quick cool, blast cool, or Pre-enfriados and more around the world) are suitable for:

Apples, Artichokes, Avocados, Bananas, Green Beans, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cantaloupes, Cauliflower, Cherries, Cucumbers, Grapes, Honeydews, Kiwi, Nectarines, Okra, Peaches, Bell Peppers, Plums, Summer Squash, Strawberries, Tomatoes, all Cut Floral and Root Stocks, and more.  Forced-air can also be used to thaw, temper, dry...

Why Precool Faster?  Add 5 Days of Shelf Life to Your Cherries!

"The Jet Precoolers have brought our packed cooling time down from 12 hours in 2011 to 2 hours today"Learn how (pdf).





Sample Design-Build Layout Drawing

Peaches, South Carolina


42" Auto-Reversing Berry Fan

Client Confidential, California


36" Hops Drying Fans

Top Hopps, Michigan


Recooling Tropical Fruit Dockside

Chiquita, Long Beach, California


Contact us if you have a specific question about precooling your products ...