Fresh-cuts benefit from powerful new Precooler / Recooler

The shelf life of fresh-cut is more important than for fresh for a variety of reasons. Fresh-cut’s price per pound is greater, and therefore waste and markdowns are more costly. Its shelf-life is usually less to start with as well, and it runs the risk of foodborne illnesses if left too warm for too long.

The “Fresh-Cut Precooler” is the newest innovation from Global Cooling Inc., based in Philadelphia. According to inventor and company president James D. Still, ”the Fresh-Cut Precooler has 40 horsepower of fan power and delivers 50,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute). “

“This assures that all fresh-cut produce packages can receive at least four or five cfm per pound, and be cooled just as fast as humanly possible,” said Still. According to the FDA, holding fresh-cut produce at appropriate cold storage temperatures reduces the potential for microbial growth. In the USDA guide for defects in fresh-cut produce, the majority of those listed can be related to improper temperature.

“Especially now that consumers are so organic-focused,” Still continued, “recooling of freshcut with forced-air is naturally an organic preservative, and modified atmosphere films work best when the produce is optimally cooled first.”

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