Organically Grown praises Jet Precooler’s efficiency

Many thanks to The Packer for running our story about working with Organically Grown in Oregon!

Organically Grown is the largest organic produce wholesaler in the Pacific Northwest. As the company had been continuing to grow, Organically Grown project manager Anthony Seran went looking for a way to upgrade his facility’s precooling capabilities. Seran chose our Jet-Ready Precooler, and the company has since reduced its precooling time by two-thirds.

“We thought we could refine and build our own fan system,” Seran said. “But we abandoned that plan when we discovered the Jet Precooler. … It brings 14 pallets of product down to temperature in 1 ½ to 2 hours. Our homemade cooler used to take 5 or more hours to do that.”

Organically Grown project manager Anthony Seran with the Jet-Ready Precooler as it cools blueberries.

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