The Jet-Ready PreCooler will take your business to new heights.

With our incredibly advanced Jet-Ready PreCooler, you will witness improvements to your business such as longer shelf life and many other perks that our competitors just cannot bring to the table. Expect to be surprised about how much airflow your Jet will provide.

The Time Tested and Proven Jet-Ready PreCooler.


  • Designed to make you more money: Our PreCoolers can precool and recool in record times, preserving your produce for far longer. The Jet is also built with the best technology money can buy - no shortcuts for the fastest forced air precooling.
  • Portability: Be able to move your new PreCooler all around your warehouse; cooling anything and everything. No more "bunker" coolers. No more compromises - you deserve the best.
  • Versatile and Powerful: Our PreCoolers can also heat, reheat, thaw, temper, dry, BQC, BQF, BQT, & more. The Jet contains two ten horsepower motors that drive up to 3x more air than traditional farm-built units.
  • Plug-in Ready: After you receive your order, just un-crate and plug it in. It's that easy!
  • Two Year Warranty: We offer a 2-year guarantee on the entire Jet PreCooler, including motors!

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and counting..

" In winters chill, or summers heat...
a farmer works so the world can eat."
- Farmer John G

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Customer Testimonials
"It is a lot easier and faster to take the Jet Precooler to the produce, than it is to move 10 or 20 pallets to a built-in precooler." M.B.

"Your Jet Precooler exceeded our expectations. We are very pleased with the positive effect it has had on our fruit. It has run flawlessly since the day it was fired it up " M.L.

"After tax treatment, out jet costs us less than $10,000 each. At that rate they paid for themselves in little over a week" M.S.

"The fact that the units are portable gives this solution a huge advantage over "bunker wall" cooling solutions" P.E

"It is so flexible, ten seconds later it's in a different section of the facility doing a different function." M.A.

"Once we started to use your Jet Precoolers, all of our customers complaints and claims about too high temperature just vanished overnight." M.L.
Meet the Inventor, Founder and CVO

Jim Still

I've been working with forced air cooling since 1990 and invented several ripening systems that are still state of the art worldwide. Five years ago, I decided to innovate forced-air pre-cooling the same way I did with old-fashioned ripening. The result is the Jet-Ready PreCooler.

I have made it my passion to invent things that will help the world become a better place. The Jet-Ready PreCooler is the result of this passion. Fastest forced air precooling. Powerful & Simple.

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