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Forced-Air Precoolers for Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers, & Processed Food.
Precool faster, at lower electrical costs.

Global Cooling Celebrating our 16th Year!

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Jet-Ready™ Portable PreCooler/ReCooler

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Our Jet Precooler™ is Powerful, Portable, & Profitable

Heavy-Duty Construction, Built to Last, with Impressive ROI.

Click here to download and read "The ROI of Forced-Air Precooling", by Jim Thompson and Jim Still.

Jet-ReadyPatent-Pending.  Structural steel frame, hot-dipped galvanized, with on-board computer and signal lamps, including VFD and electrical devices, shipped ready to use!  (minor assembly required, as tarp and foam pads are shipped loose.)  We also offer the Jet-Fans-Only, Jet-Kit, Jet-Cold-Wall, Jet-Bunker, and can supply replacement tarps and foam pad sets. Our Jets are perfect for PreCooling and ReCooling.  Also for recooling, blast thawing, tempering, and batch heating/cooling.

Rapid Cool™ units are even stronger and offer Auto-Reversing Airflow.

Rapid-Cool ™ Vertical Airflow Precoolers, Patent-Pending, aret be the future of pre-cooling. Reversing direction of airflow at strategis intervals virtually elininates the hot-side/cold-side problem, for more-uniform temperatures across the pallets, in less time.

Custom Bulkhead / Plenum Wall Design and Construction. Contact Us for project specifics.  eMail or use our Contact Form.

It is also possible to load from one end, and unload from the other, for FIFO, and to manage your precoolers from your SmartPhone, using our exclusive SmartCool™ control software . Plus, we do away with the tarps, which are difficult to handle, and to keep sanitary.  Download SmartCool™ powerpoint in pdf format.

The faster that the fresh-cut fruit, vegetables, or flowers, can be brought down from field temperatures, to ideal storage temperatures, the longer the shelf life, the better the quality, and the less the weight loss. High Humidity airflow is also a great benefit to all of the above.

Learn about precooling, see our Knowledge Base for Tips & Techniques, by Jim Thompson, "Temperature and Quality", "How to Cool Produce", "Tips for Successful Forced-Air Cooling", "Product Temperature in Forced-Air Cooling", and "Measuring Product Temperature".

Reducing produce temperatures as quickly as possible, also improves upon food safety, as at lower temperatures, “blooms” of CFUs are much less likely to occur. Better Cold Chain Management equals improved food safety.

Global Cooling's principals have more than 30 years' experience with refrigeration and forced-air cooling of fresh produce. They invented "Tarpless" ripening rooms, and are now focused on revolutionizing precooling too.

Based in Media, Pennsylvania (nearby to Philadelphia), we realize how important it is to connect with our customers, as each situation or need is different, and has to be customized for maximum value creation. We work locally, and also have completed projects on five continents, globally. All of our work involves forced air cooling.

Our Precoolers

Jet Precooler Reversing Airflow Humifresh Tarp Tunnel Mobile Precooler




Tarps & Pads

Mobile Precooler


Recent Projects

Los Angeles.  Three Jet™ Precoolers, Chilean grapes, and others.

Miami, FL. Two Jet™ Precoolers, imported and domestic fruit, vegetables, and floral.

Jamaica, NY.  Jet-Ready™ Precooler, air cargo, mostly floral, recooling.

Miami, FL. Two Jet-Ready™ Precoolers, imported and domestic fruit, precooling and recooling.

Yakima, WA.  Four Jet Precoolers™, apples, pears, and cherries.

Long Beach, CA. Five Jet-Ready™ Precoolers, imported and domestic fruit, precooling and recooling.

Jamaica, NY, Jet Precooler™ , Air freight, mostly floral, recooling.

Miami, FL.  Two Jet Precoolers™, various local fruit and vegetables.

Dominican Republic, Jet-Ready™ Precooler, reversing airflow, various vegetables.

Mission, TX, Jet Precooler™, Quick-Ship Program, Berries, Watermelon, Avocado.

Mascoutah, IL, 1-tier Rapid-Cool™ vertical airflow auto-reverse precoolers, Berries & Asparagus.

McAllen, TX, Jet Precoolers™, Berries.

Oxnard, CA, Jet Precooler™ Turbo, Avocados.

Leland, NC.  KD Precooler™, cooling grape tomatoes in bins.

Vineland, NJ, Jet Precoolers™, cooling grapes, drying onions.

Los Angeles, Jet Precooler™, various commodities.

Capay, CA, Jet Precoolers™, various organic.

San Francisco, Jet Precooler™, Yogurt.

Honduras, Jet Precooler™, Okra.

Fresno area, KD Precooler™, tomatoes.

Sacramento, Jet Precoolers™, mixed commodities, organic/fresh.

Vineland, NJ, Jet Precoolers™, mixed commodities, fresh and after fumigation.

Dover, Delaware.  KD Tarped precooler for peaches, asparagus, and berries. Ammonia.

Cortazar, Mexico. Vertical Airflow precoolers for cauliflower, snow peas, and garlic.  Ammonia.

Wilmington, DE. Rapid-Cool vertical airflow precoolers, re-cooling of Chilean grapes after fumigation. 2.5 hour pulldown time. Vertical and Reversing airflow, Krack compressor rack and remote condensers.  404a.

Tijuana, Mexico. Ripening rooms. Upgrading fans and cooling coils to provide 25% more airflow and cooling capacity, while saving 33% electricity. R22.

Relative perishability of fresh fruit & vegetables, and recommended 7/8 cooling time and airflow.

Relative Perishability
of Crops


7/8 Cool
Time (hr)

Airflow L/s/kg

Very High

Asparagus, broccoli, leaf lettuce, spinach, sweet corn, mushrooms , floral


6–2 (6–2)


Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, sweet cherries, cauliflower, snap beans, head lettuce




Apples, early cabbage, cantaloupes, celery, grapes, nectarines, peaches, plums, peppers, summer squash



Now available, "The ROI of Precooling & Postharvest", by Adel Kader.

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